Piedmont Heritage is a Social Promotion Association, whose institutional mission aims to offer a promotional coordination to the tourism professionals, in the Piedmont region.

In an highly dynamic tourism background and open to the free circulation of tourists and professionals, the association connects educational and promotional needs of qualified Touristic Guides of their area and develops the parameters for a never ending training in order to guarantee always high standards of professional quality.

The association owns the "RED BADGE GUIDES", which guarantees the quality of professional services through constant upgrade training, as well as promoting the social value of tourism professions and to create appropriate high promotional ways, in the local, national and international level.

Piedmont Heritage also aims to develop in the population and in the tourism operators a wider awareness of the local artistic heritage through different communication strategies and activities, and to encourage operators to the use of high quality tourist services, and namely for the profession of tourist guide.

Furthermore the Association aims to create a true exchange of views between economic operators, the institutions, through actions co-marketing and participation in supporting programs, also in the EU area.

Consiglio Direttivo 2022/24
Valeria Fazio - Presidente
Manuela Meni - Vicepresidente
Mariella Rizzotti - Tesoriere
Erika Occhetto - Segretario
Antonietta Matturro - Consigliere
Ursula Von Den Driesch - Consigliere
Marie Steenstrup - Consigliere